About us

The Danish Association for Responsible Construction [Foreningen for Byggeriets Samfundsansvar] was established in November 2014. The objective of the Association is to develop and promote social responsibility in the Danish property and construction sector. The basis of the Association is a Charter, which -  with six principles - translates international guidelines for social responsibility into the context of the Danish property and construction sector.

The Charter was developed by Realdania and the Danish Association of Construction Clients with help from the consultancy Responsible Assets and active contributions from 40 firms and organisations from the sector. At a conference in autumn 2014, the Charter was presented to 100 firms and organisations from the sector. The Charter was wellreceived and it was subsequently decided to set up a new association.

The aim of the Association is to promote the Charter in the sector, inspire good practice and to develop relevant instruments.

Each year the Association holds a series of workshops, meetings and seminars at which good practice is developed and discussed within current topics such as control and dialogue with suppliers, sustainability, health and safety, reporting formats and screening. The results are described as cases and they are presented as specific tools and paradigms which are all published on the Association website and freely available for use by the sector.

A firm or organisation can become a member of the Association by signing the Charter and then scanning and emailing it to: info@byggerietssamfundsansvar.dk.